Death by 1000 cuts





The Minikin were a legion of voodoo dolls summoned by Billy Kane to stop the pack. They first attacked the pack in JaxXxon Fiercestalker’s home attacking Naoki and Grimhide first and then severely injuring Cloudtooth. The pack fled in the Zaphro van and after capturing one were able to ascertain their purpose. They were defeated in an abandoned barn west on Highway #1 though both JaxXxon Fiercestalker and Billy Kane were also lost in the confrontation.

Characteristics and Abilities

Standing at only 10-14" in height Minikin are very mobile and traversal. They first attack the pack by entering their home through air ducts and heat vents. Their jagged bite and sharp weapons inflict excruciating pain upon their targets.

Summoned through and ancient voodoo ritual Minikin relentlessly pursue their target at the the cost of their own life. They are susceptible to any wound but their superior numbers make them difficult to deal with. Once summoned the Minikin have 24 hours to eliminate their target. They perish in the first light of dawn if exposed.


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