Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Episode 3

Three Hundred Clicks

The Highway

The pack buys a vehicle with little difficulty and stops in Red Deer to stock up on supplies. Several pack members notice Naoki nervous and acting somewhat strangely but slough it off to nerves. They meet with a contact of Barry’s named Suzanne who informs them that several bane groups are also looking for the Caern.

Hoping to find more information Jaxxon Fiercestalker, Abbath and Naoki head to a shady bar called the Jari Kurri. There Abath is attacked by a Vampire posing as an erotic dancer and is bitten. Naoki disappears during the fight and Abbath is forced to tactically retreat.

Meanwhile back at the motel the rest of the party is watching Barry and Grimhide who are withdrawing from Rapture and suffering hallucinations. Cloudtooth notices a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot and attacks it’s driver. Rendering the man unconscious, he drags him inside only to discover too late that the Bane servant is wired with a bomb. Cloudtooth jumps through the window but everyone else is caught in the explosion inside.



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