Werewolf: The Apocalypse

A Day Late and a Dollar Short


The Pack fights their way to the Caern and through to the other side only to find a mass of nearly one hundred Black Spiral Dancers who thank the pack for opening the Caern and allowing them access to the North Saskatchewan River. They beat the pack senseless and a wounded Wyrm-Takes-Last insists that he is leaving them alive because he can kill them “anytime he wants.”

Beaten, broken and having failed their mission the pack returns to Calgary with nothing but bad news. The White Howlers tribe is now extinct, changed into the Black Spiral Dancers. The only survivor Walks-No-Roads is lost and left behind.

While conversing it becomes apparent that a traitor has been working against them the whole time. Allowing the Bane in Edmonton to beat them to Caern and the Black Spiral Dancers access to southern Alberta. Eventually Naoki confesses to being the traitor and breaks into tears of shame – his sister has been kidnapped and he has been forced to betray the pack.

However in solidarity the pack agrees to help him search for her – refusing to betray their brother in return.



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