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Homid: These are Garou who were raised in human society, and often never know their heritage until their First Change. They often have trouble dealing with the wilderness and the spirit world. They are however deeply knowledgeable of human society and understand most technology. Homids are the most common breed.

Metis: These are the deformed and sterile offspring of two Garou. They are perhaps the best balanced of the breeds being equally likely to understand the wilderness or human technology. Additionally, their natural form is Crinos, the man-wolf form, granting them great battle prowess. If accepted into the pack, they have the advantage of being raised in Garou society and thus know its often quirky ins and outs. Once they were the rarest of the breeds. It’s a sign of how desperate things have become that in some tribes, they are more common than Lupus.

Lupus: These are born of wolves and have a deep primal connection to Gaia. However, they are sadly out of place in the human world, having little understanding of human society. Some never even learn to speak a human language. Most hate technology and often blame humans for all that is wrong in the world.



Garou have the inherent ability to shapeshift into one of five distinct forms. Aside from the human form, each changes the characters’ inherent Attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, or Appearance:

Homid is the human form, completely indistinguishable from other humans in most cases.

Glabro is the “near-human” form, one that is described as resembling a prehistoric human, although slightly taller than their human form.

Crinos is the monstrous form resembling a traditional werewolf, usually growing to nine feet tall and made of pure muscle. This form is what most Garou prefer to fight in. In this form, any weak willed human that sees it will resort to a genetic memory-induced state of pure fear and terror known as the “Delirium”. Metis are born in this form.

Hispo is a massive dire wolf-like form, usually preferred by Lupus Garou for fighting.

Lupus is the wolf form, granting certain abilities that stem from the wolf’s greater senses than that of humans.


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