Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Episode 3
Three Hundred Clicks

The Highway

The pack buys a vehicle with little difficulty and stops in Red Deer to stock up on supplies. Several pack members notice Naoki nervous and acting somewhat strangely but slough it off to nerves. They meet with a contact of Barry’s named Suzanne who informs them that several bane groups are also looking for the Caern.

Hoping to find more information Jaxxon Fiercestalker, Abbath and Naoki head to a shady bar called the Jari Kurri. There Abath is attacked by a Vampire posing as an erotic dancer and is bitten. Naoki disappears during the fight and Abbath is forced to tactically retreat.

Meanwhile back at the motel the rest of the party is watching Barry and Grimhide who are withdrawing from Rapture and suffering hallucinations. Cloudtooth notices a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot and attacks it’s driver. Rendering the man unconscious, he drags him inside only to discover too late that the Bane servant is wired with a bomb. Cloudtooth jumps through the window but everyone else is caught in the explosion inside.

Episode 2
A New Ally?

A Cry in the Night

Taking one of the fake police cruisers the pack attempted to cross the river into downtown Calgary to meet an informant of Barry’s. With the windows down they were able to hear a Garou’s howl for help coming from the Bow River. Jaxxon decided he could navigate the car down the bike path and promptly got stuck.

Travelling on foot to the river’s edge, the pack met with several bane including an unidentified four-armed, cleaver-wielding fellow. These bane were attacking a Werewolf named Naoki who was in bad shape. When surrounded the four-armed attacker cut Naoki’s throat and escaped by letting the river current take him.

The Best Laid Plans…

At the top of the bike path the abandoned car had attracted two police officers. The pack escaped by shifting into Crinos form and inciting Delirium in the officers. One attempted to follow but Barry managed to shoot out one of his tires.

When the pack finally managed to meet up with Barry’s informant Jimmy, Jimmy refused to lend the pack his car to travel to Edmonton. Enraged Jaxxon threatened Jimmy severely but to no avail. Knowing that Jimmy was a Rapture user – a Wyrm and magic based drug – Barry offered to locate a large quantity in exchange for the car.


Searching the streets quickly led the pack to a dealer of Rapture. To prove that they were not police officers Grimhide and Barry took a large dose of the drugs, unaware that the magical and addictive properties of Rapture make a user dependent almost immediately. high and roaming the night they are found by the other pack members and are barely able to explain the situation.

The pack advanced on the drug house, intending to steal a stash but were caught in a trap. They then abandoned this plan as a complete failure. Now with two members addicted to a very dangerous drug, the pack seeks to simply purchase a vehicle using Jaxxon’s savings.


Episode 1
Sticks and the New Pack


The pack met for the first time at the request of Sticks in Banff Trail of Calgary. While there these Garou from seven different tribes were told about a mysterious re-discovered Caern west of Edmonton on the Sasketchewan River. The pack pledged to travel to the Caern and see why it is suddenly now active again.

An Alpha is Chosen

Before the pack could set out on their quest a pack Alpha had to be chosen. A competition was arranged by Sticks to pit the heroes against three warriors of his own and in the ensuing battle an Alpha would be chosen.

Abbath attempted to solidify his place as Alpha immediately and attacked Sticks outside of the rules of engagement. Sticks subdued him instantly and forbade he take part in the contest further.

The battle was fierce and Barry fell right at the start. As the heroes quickly began to overpower the Bone Gnawer warriors Jaxxon seized an opportunity to make a bid for Alpha and attacked Grimhide. However calling upon his great warrior strength Grimhide turned the tide and subdued Jaxxon in turn. Cloud Tooth – the other Garou still standing – chose not to pursue the Alpha title leaving Grimhide victorious.

Jaxxon was severely wounded and despite Ted’s healing his wounds were still grievous.


As the pack dispersed to attempt to find a way to travel North, they were arrested by police officers seemingly called to the scene from the noise. Several pack members ran while others surrendered. The surrendering Garou were shot as was Jaxxon who failed to scale a fence – further exacerbating his wounds. The police officers were revealed to be Bane posers – somebody knew about this meeting. The pack regrouped and slaughtered the Bane Officers commandeering their unmarked cruiser.


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