Listen here pup, this might just save your life...




The Caern to No-Roads

A Legendary Alpha of the Get-of-Fenris, Call-No-Truce is known for heroically leading the western Get throughout the early 1900’s. This blood red specimen of a Garou is responsible for setting up the Get-of-Fenris’ formidable stronghold in the west and is best known for his triumph over a Wyrm army which tried to displace it in the 40’s. This epic battle has come to be called the Red Tide named after Calls-No-Truce’s distinguished fur and the blood he spilt during that battle.

Now a powerful Umbra spirit Calls-No-Truce chooses to guide other Get-of-Fenris alpha’s in their endeavours. He first appears to Grimhide in the Umbra when Grimhide is defeated by Wyrm-Takes-Last in the encounter at No-Roads. He heals Cloudtooth and allows him to re-engage Wyrm-Takes-Last and gravely injure him. He also warns Grimhide of Jaxxon’s betrayal insisting that he purge the pact of weakness.

Grimhioe decides to forgive Jaxxon and allow him to remain with the pack a decision which Calls-No-Truce grudgingly respects.

The Theatre of Exquisite Pain

Calls-No-Truce warns Grimhide that a new dark power – neither wyrm, garou or bretheren is rising in the streets of Calgary. Warning them that it will no longer be safe even for Garou.

Physicality and Powers

Calls-No-Truce is a former alpha Garou legendary even among other tribes. He is known for his imposing size and blood red fur. Even in Lupus form – which is his preferred state – his size dwarfs most other Garou.

In life he was known for his fire claws technique, an ability that allowed him to attack with a searing white hot claw aura that inflicted aggravated burns known for being difficult to heal from. Calls-No-Truce has shown no such ability now as a spirit in the umbra.

Calls-No-Truce is a prolific Umbra traveller, able to contact numerous travellers simultaneously and has boasted to be capable of limited time travel, having once warned a young Garou of the failure of his intended plan. This feat was not without its repercussions as it diminished him temporarily, prohibiting his Umbra capabilities.


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