Billy Kane

"A new evil rises in the streets..."





The pack first learns of Billy Kane’s existence when Calls-No-Truce warns Grimhide that Calgary will soon not be safe for Garou. The pack determines that the killings of several young wealthy women are in fact connected to this warning.

While learning to travel the Umbra the pack sees glimpses of a man making a pact with a dark power and sacrificing seven women in order to fulfill it. This man had has parents murdered by Werewolves as a child and was bullied through life.

The pack traces the killings back to the Grey Dawn theatre – also known as the Theatre of Exquisite Pain – where young suicidal woman are convinced by the audience to give their life on stage. There the pack engages Billy only to find that while he has taken no life that has not been willingly surrendered to him, he is invulnerable to their attacks in the Umbra.


Billy is skilled in martial arts, reaching the peak limits of physical prowess that a human being of his age, size and build can achieve through normal means. He is lethal with a bladed weapon even in combat with a Garou.

He is also seemingly immune to delirium though whether this is a natural or magical ability is unknown. He is capable of confronting several Garou in their Crinos form without succumbing to its effects.

Having already sacrificed three of his needed seven victims Billy is already shown to have some powers bestowed upon him. He is capable of Umbra travel and is more gifted in it than the pack. When the pack attempts to engage him in the Umbra they find that he is immune to their efforts. He admits that this power is only his because he has not taken a life that was not surrendered to him.


Billy Kane

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