Werewolf: The Apocalypse

The Umbra

After being dumping Grimhide in the snow Jaxxon Fiercestalker is confronted by Wyrm-Takes-Last and attemps to strike a deal. The Black Spiral Dancer seems mildly interested in what he has to offer and allows him to live.

Meanwhile a near death Grimhide finds himself in another world. Dark black surrounds him and he finds he is walking on top of a black liquid, his foot steps leaving ripples. After some difficulty he encounters a powerful Umbra Spirit named Calls-No-Truce – a former Alpha of the Get-of-Fenris.

Calls-No-Truce chastises Grimhide for his poor leadership so far and warns of Jaxxon’s betrayal. He also admonishes the use of silver edged weapons by the group, suggesting that they make the pack weaker. With a final challenge for Grimhide to rise and conquer his enemies Calls-No-Truce restores Grimhide to consciousness and heals his wounds.

In a fearsome showdown this time Grimhide bests Wyrm-Takes-Last and wounds him gravely forcing his retreat. In a moment of compassion he then forgives Jaxxon for his weakness and the two rejoin the pack.



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