Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Episode 5

Faith no More

The Caern is a bridge to the town of No Roads – the former home of the White Howlers. The tribe is thought to be extinct and the abandoned town supports the idea. Ominously quiet, there are no bodies or graves marking a mass extinction in the town. Upon further inspection journal entries suggest that many of the Garou in this village started to suffer a mental madness. Strange cryptic writings and symbols are found inside some of the houses. Phrases such as…

Gaia save your sinful children__

adorn the walls.

After much searching the group holes up in one of the abandoned houses as night begins to fall. Strange sounds are heard in the nearby wilderness – howling that is Garou-like, only changed, distorted.

A figure is noticed in the distance and the pack chases it only to find it is a woman. She says her name is Walks-No-Roads and that she is the last surviving Garou of the town. The rest of the Garou have become perversions of Gaia.

Howling comes in from all sides and the pack attempts to barricade themselves in the house. The source of the howling is revealed as the former residents of the town unveil themselves, the Black Spiral Dancers.

In a gambit to save the pack Grimhide engages their leader Wyrm-Takes-Last to one-on-one combat but is quickly overwhelmed in the battle. Gravely injured Grimhide is rendered unconscious and in desperation the pack scatters in an attempt to reconvene at the Cairn.

Cloudtooth eludes several Black Spiral Dancers drawing them away, allowing Jaxxon Fiercestalker to make off with Grimhide. With Wyrm-Takes-Last in pursuit and the rest of the pack out of sight, Jaxxon dumps Grimhide in the snow…



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