Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Episode 4

By Divine Right

With most of the party heavily wounded Naoki is forced to perform silver extraction surgery with little more than pliers stolen from a warehouse. He is brutal but successful. The pack is decides to head to the caern without Jaxxon and Abbath.

The pack comes across two abandoned cars close to the location of the caern. They decide to slash the tires and begin their search, but have difficulty finding their objective. Along the way they are slowed by a pack of Bane hired werewolf hunters – Humans trying their luck at werewolf hunting. The pack make gruesome work out of their would be trappers but are slowed long enough that the Bane is able to surround them at the Caern.

Gravely injured the heroes try several times to activate the runes. The Bane bare down on them, hailing bullets – some of them silver – in a torrent on them. Bleeding and out of options Naoki cryptically offers that they must use their natural forms and the tactic is effective – the caern opens and the pack traverse the moon bridge to their destination.



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