Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Act 2

A Prayer for those Left Behind

Returning to Calgary the pack is met with a hostile Sticks who admonishes their behaviour. He reminds them that they ran off while asking for little information or resources. Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers have already been attacked by Black Spiral Dancers and the Wyrm’s presence is stronger than ever.

The pack decides to speak with Zero about the mission and the disappearance of Naoki’s sister. Sticks gives them the address for Zerotech. A wealthy cybernetics manufacturer run by its namesake. At the front door they are greeted by Zaphro an artificial intelligence created by Zero to be his doorman and jack-of-all-trades lieutenant. Zaphro is sharp witted and disdainful towards the living and trades several verbal barbs with the pack.

They then meet Zero who is upset at their failure and becomes violent towards Naoki when his betrayal is discovered. He challenges Naoki to defend himself but instead Abbath intervenes and fights Zero on his behalf. As Zero shifts to his Crinos form the group is astonished to find he is a cyborg-wolf. A never before seen melding of cybernetics and Garou. Abbath is quickly overwhelmed in the fight. However Zero respects the packs cohesiveness and resigns to forgive Naoki.

A deal is struck where Zero will help the Pack in their struggles against the Black Spiral Dancers, unfortunately he has no intel as to the location of Naoki’s sister. He provides a Van for them to travel in, a 1990 Aerostar. However once inside they are dismayed to find the Van is fitted with a copy of the Zaphro program, who finds them as distasteful company.



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